I love speaking to children, teenagers, college students, parents, youth workers, and at marriage retreats (with my wife, Natalie)!

Drew Hill speaking at a conference

I’ve been a public speaker for more than twenty years and would be honored to chat about being a part of your next event. Due to my primary responsibilities as a husband, father, and a head of school, I am not able to say yes to everything, but I love to speak about Jesus and prayerfully consider each invitation. I’m typically booking events at least 4-6 months in advance.

What Topics Do you Speak On?

My favorite go-to seminar is simply called “An Alongside Event.” It is a 4-hour seminar that typically takes place on a Saturday from 10am-2pm or on a Sunday afternoon. It can also be done as a 3-hour seminar if that works better for your organization. Here’s a promotional blurb:

Are you a parent, grandparent, coach, teacher, youth worker, Young Life leader, or someone in a relationship with a pre-teen or teenager? Connecting with teenagers and sharing the gospel with them can be challenging. On this date, we’re offering you some help! Drew Hill, the award-winning author of “Alongside: Loving Teenagers with the Gospel,” is a gifted communicator who has worked with children, teenagers and parents for over twenty years. Through winsome story-telling and practical insights, Drew will take us on a journey inside the unfiltered world of kids. Drew will be addressing a wide variety of topics including technology, broken relationships, discipline, difficult conversations, and discipleship.

Below are some of the other topics I typically speak on. I’m happy to work together to craft specific talks to meet the needs of your organization. In all of my talks, the focus is Jesus. I love offering practical insights and tips, but the Gospel is central to every message.

Suggested Topics
Navigating Technology with Teenagers
Sharing the Gospel with Teenagers
Grace-based Parenting
Understanding the World of Kids/Teenagers
Entering the World of Kids/Teenagers
Creating a Culture of Student Leadership in Your Church
Dealing with Anxiety in Teenagers
Falling in love with the Person of Jesus
Engaging the Imagination of Children
Various Parenting Topics: Technology, Social Media, Sex and Dating, Phone usage, etc...
Youth Ministry 101: Training for Volunteers and Youth Ministry Professionals
Preparing Parents for High School Graduation
Preparing Students for College